Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have started this blog so my readers can follow the latest updates for my books starting with the Breaking the Rules Series.  I am currently half way through Breaking the Rules, with plans for 2 more books in the Series.

Here is a quick overview of the book.  As I write, and get closer to publication, I will add little blurbs, contests, and giveaways, so stay tuned!!!  -LK

Morgan Lane has just accepted her first job out of grad school, working for the prestigious Baylor Industries.  She meets her direct boss, Drake Baylor Jr. on her first day, and it's more than a few sparks flying between them, their bodies ignite!  Lust draws them together instantly and more than a few steamy encounters spur their love/hate relationship.  Drake is working hard to shed his bad boy image in order to take over as CEO at his fathers company, and Morgan is determined to chart her own course in a life that has been pre-determined by her parents. Working together is not the only reason a relationship between them can never happen, but if anyone finds out about them, both of their careers will be over.
 Will their forbidden love be enough as they fight to find a way to forever?

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